How to find your way back to yourself


Imagine you are sitting comfortably in a soft silky feel freja toned chaise, with the cool breeze brushing through your skin. You hear birds chirping soothly and the waves gently crashing to the shore. You take a deep breath through your nose, count slowly 1 2 3, hold it as you feel your lungs balloon up in oxygen then with pursed lips breathe out carefully 4 5 6 7 relax 8 9 10. Do it once. Twice. Repeat it more. It feels so good. Now you feel calmer. You look at the tall varied greens on your right, smile. Look at them swaying so casually, just following the wind one step at a time. And don’t forget the warm hills on the left filled with bursting colors of plants and flowers alike. Across you lies the bluish sea, serene on a chilly summer afternoon while the sun prepares slowly to hide and before bidding the day’s goodbye, she paints the sky shades of oranges, pinks and reds, always closing the daytime curtain with a bang.

I cannot count the amount of self-help books, YouTube videos, podcasts, blogs I have consumed in the past few years to elevate my self-awareness, to assist me in my never ending search to what it is I’m here for exactly. Needless to say, I still feel clueless. The only thing different from my younger self to now hopefully wiser self is that I don’t fret so hard on not knowing the unknown. I just believe that I ought to do something of value to myself and others, and even if the idea is still floating somewhere, I know in due time it will come to me when I’m most ready to accept it. All I need to do at the moment is be present. Beating myself for something I’m not vibrationally ready for will turn it further away than allowing it to stay.

Forgive yourself for being unable to achieve whatever it is you have planned or dreamed that has yet to surface in your reality. For the words spoken or unspoken that could’ve or could’ve not changed people or circumstances. For the promises broken to others and most especially the ones you’ve promised to yourself.

Love yourself fully. All the beautiful parts of you. And the flaws too. We can never be perfect but we can always be better. Love yourself so much that your love overflows to everyone surrounding you. Be an example that when you are full of love, you cannot do anything else but share it.

Trust your journey. I believe each of us has something great to impart in each of our lifetime. Where you are at the moment may not yet be what you have imagined, but always remember that it will always be more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

No matter how lost you feel right now, you will always find your way back to yourself. Keep going, enjoy the ride, eat that cake. 🖤


想象一下,您坐在舒适,柔软,丝般的调子式躺椅中,凉风拂过您的皮肤。 您会听到鸟儿舒缓地chi叫,海浪轻轻地撞击到岸边。 您通过鼻子深吸一口气,慢慢地数1 2 3,并在感觉肺部氧气充盈时屏住呼吸,然后s起双唇小心地呼气4 5 6 7放松8 910。做一次。 两次。 再重复一遍。 感觉很好。 现在,您会感到镇定。 你看着右边的高大的绿色,微笑。 看着他们那么随意地摇曳,一次随风而行。 别忘了左边温暖的山丘上开满了鲜艳的植物和花朵。 蔚蓝的大海对面,在一个寒冷的夏日午后安详,阳光慢慢地躲藏起来,在告别一天之前,她用橙色,粉红色和红色描绘天空的阴影,总是用一声巨响来关闭白天的窗帘。

我无法统计过去几年中为提高自我意识,帮助我永无止境地搜索我所要使用的自助书籍,YouTube视频,播客和博客的数量 。 不用说,我仍然很无知。 从年轻的自我到现在希望更明智的自我的唯一不同之处在于,我对未知的事物不会感到烦恼。 我只是相信我应该为自己和他人做一些有价值的事情,即使这个想法仍然存在,我知道在适当的时候,当我最愿意接受它时,它就会浮现在我身上。 目前,我需要做的只是存在。 为自己没有做好准备的事情而殴打自己,将会使它比允许它停留更远。

原谅自己无法实现您计划或梦想中尚未实现的一切。 对于说或不说的话,可能会或不会改变人或环境。 对于兑现给他人的承诺,尤其是您兑现给自己的承诺。

完全爱自己。 您所有美丽的部分。 还有缺陷。 我们永远不可能完美,但我们永远可以变得更好。 如此爱自己,以至于周围的所有人都充满了爱。 举个例子,当你充满爱时,除了分享,别无选择。

相信你的旅程。 我相信我们每个人在我们的一生中都有很多值得奉献的东西。 您目前所处的位置可能还不是您想像的,但请始终记住,它永远比您想像的要美丽。

无论您现在有多迷失,您总会找到自己的路。 继续前进,享受旅程,吃那个蛋糕。 🖤

Where to next?


It always excites me to make travel plans. Pseudo-itinerary for trips that I feel my soul needs at any given moment. My journal has been filled with notes of countless destinations, airfare deals from various airlines, dreamy or airbnb accommodations, and to do lists – from boring to adventuresome activities, to the best places to eat and even those hidden spots that only locals know about. The planning part is the second best part of any leisurely getaways, in my opinion.

Last week, I wanted to go to Finland. And the week before that, I was dreaming of Norway again. I have already mapped out the route I will take for Norway. Oslo — Stavanger (Preikestolen Hike) — Bergen (Bergen – Oslo train ride) then back to Oslo. My entire monthly salary as of the moment will not suffice for a 10-day Norway trip. Maybe, next year? Always hope for the best because the best is yet to come. I hope to one day win an all expense paid trip with my mom and dad. Maybe, not to Norway because my mother might not allow me to do that hike on my own. To South Africa perhaps? I would love to visit Japan and South Korea with them. Now, all I need is that travel contest.

11 Travel Do’s in Mato Grosso, Brazil

Mato Grosso translates to great woods. Located in central Brazil and is the 3rd largest state in the country. 

Orla do Porto in Cuiabá

A beautiful 1.3 kilometers stretch of colorful houses and restaurants on the banks of Cuiabá River.
1. Taste the local cuisines
2. Bike around town
3. People watch and / or mingle with the locals


One of the most important ecosystem in the planet, one of the world’s largest wetlands
( a large area of land covered with swamp or marsh ) and one of the best places for seeing wildlife. A UNESCO World Heritage site since 2000.
4. Stay in a fazenda
5. Explore the wetlands in a boat
6. Game viewing
7. Enjoy a National Geographic-inspired photography 

Chapada dos Guimarães National Park

Caves, ponds, waterfalls, cliffs, trails – and so much more of amazing nature.
8.Hike the trails and visit caves
9. Stand on the marked stone in Mirante da Geodésia – the geographic center of South America
10. Bathe in one of the waterfalls 
11. Sunset viewing on a mountain top 

11 Travel Goals in Aquitaine, France


The old Aquitaine region (now a part of Nouvelle-Aquitaine since 2016) boasts of a diverse topography. Located in the southwestern of France, in between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees mountains. This historic province has a lot to offer for every kind of traveler from fancy chateaux to mountain summits to amazing beaches. 

1. Bordeaux Wine

Join a guided tour of châteaux and vineyards in the world’s largest producer of fine wine. A day of wine tasting plus learning a thing or two about its history from the region’s very own masters of taste. Make sure to have a designated driver, you’ll never know how much fun you’ll have!

2. Saint-Émilion

A day trip around the UNESCO Heritage site in the heart of Bordeaux, also famed for its namesake wine. This is a charming village named after a monk who settled in the area in the 8th century. Hike or bike your way around the historical landscape of this beautiful place.

3. La Cité du Vin

A hi–tech way of discovering the world’s wine culture. Have a deeper understanding of wine’s relationship with people, view exhibitions and join workshops – a world of experiences indeed.

4. Anglet Beaches

Dubbed as the “Little California” for its 4.5 km stretch of fine sand. Get a tan or meditate by the beach, dip in the waters or even surf the waves.

5. Pic du Midi d’Ossau

A stimulating hike to a majestic Pyrenean summit, with an elevation of over 900 meters. Located at the heart of  Pyrénées National Park.

6. La Roque-Gageac

A picturesque town at the foot of a cliff along the Dordogne River. Also cited as one of the most beautiful villages in France.

7. Biarritz Lighthouse

Climb 248 steps to witness a panoramic view of the coastline and the town of Biarritz, built-in 1834.

8. Château de la Brède

Travel back to 18th century, the gothic styled palace which was home to French philosopher, Charles Louis de Montesquieu.

9. Rocher de la Vierge

Cross a small bridge to the statue of the Virgin Mary atop a rock surrounded by crashing waves and enjoy the view of the sea and even the city of Biarritz.

10. Funiculaire de Pau

A free, short and fun way to get to and from the upper/lower part of the town of Pau.

11. Grand Bayonne

Sight see  Cathédrale Sainte-Marie de Bayonne, Château-Vieux, and Town Hall of Bayonne.