Where to next?


It always excites me to make travel plans. Pseudo-itinerary for trips that I feel my soul needs at any given moment. My journal has been filled with notes of countless destinations, airfare deals from various airlines, dreamy booking.com or airbnb accommodations, and to do lists – from boring to adventuresome activities, to the best places to eat and even those hidden spots that only locals know about. The planning part is the second best part of any leisurely getaways, in my opinion.

Last week, I wanted to go to Finland. And the week before that, I was dreaming of Norway again. I have already mapped out the route I will take for Norway. Oslo — Stavanger (Preikestolen Hike) — Bergen (Bergen – Oslo train ride) then back to Oslo. My entire monthly salary as of the moment will not suffice for a 10-day Norway trip. Maybe, next year? Always hope for the best because the best is yet to come. I hope to one day win an all expense paid trip with my mom and dad. Maybe, not to Norway because my mother might not allow me to do that hike on my own. To South Africa perhaps? I would love to visit Japan and South Korea with them. Now, all I need is that travel contest.

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